Nintendo Direct Wii U/3DS: All the News and Videos in One Place


Nintendo held its latest Nintendo Direct briefing today and packed inside it were quite a few notable announcements and new videos. The show has now ended (re-watch it here), while we have rounded up all the announcements here and we will update with this with more videos as they come online.


  • Star Fox Zero on Wii U Comes With Second Game Project Guard
  • Super Mario Maker Getting More Items, Including Keys
  • Fire Emblem/SMT Crossover Game Gets Official US Title
  • New Paper Mario for Wii U Confirmed
  • Learn How to Drawn Disney Characters on Your 3DS With This Game
  • Bravely Second Beta Will Be Available Early at Best Buy
  • Hyrule Warriors 3DS Release Date Confirmed, New Character and DLC Revealed
  • Monster Hunter X Confirmed for US, Gets New Name
  • Metroid Prime Federation Force Will Include Samus Cameo
  • New Kirby Game Coming to 3DS, Includes Giant Robots

Other news:

  • A game called “Pocket Card Jockey” has been announced for 3DS. It is a horse racing solitaire game and will be released in the eShop in May.
  • Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 is coming to 3DS through the eShop this summer, while the first game will be marked down to $10.
  • Rhythm Heaven Megamix, the latest entry in the series, is coming west in 2016 for 3DS.
  • Disney Art Academy is out out for 3DS in May
  • Project Treasure (Lost Reavers) going into open beta in the west soon (it is already out in Japan).
  • Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games (featuring Rugby for the first time ever) launches for Wii U on June 24
  • Mini Mario & Friends Amiibo Challenge is a free 3DS game coming in March


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