Plants vs Zombies Goes Hearthstone With New Collectible Card Game


Plants vs. Zombies started as a tower-defense game, evolved into third-person shooting, and is now on its way to becoming a collectible card game. I’m now anticipating the inevitable kart racer.

Plants vs. Zombies: Heroes was announced by senior producer Brian Lindley on its official website. It’s a collectible card game with “Super Hero style” that tasks players with building a team and taking it into battle.

The game will introduce new characters alongside classic plants and zombies and characters from Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2–Super Brainz, Z-Mech, Citron, and Rose are confirmed. The new characters include The Green Shadow, who’s described as “an elusive but powerful pea shooter,” and Impfinity, who’s a zombie imp hero that can summon multiple clones in the midst of a fight.

Heroes marks a number of firsts for mobile devices. It will be the first time people can play as zombies on the platform, and it’s the debut of real-time multiplayer for the mobile franchise.

Plants vs. Zombies: Heroes is scheduled to launch sometime this year.