The Division Review Roundup


The Division launched on March 8, but we did not have a review right away because the game’s servers were not switched on until that day. Now that we’ve taken the time to test the servers and assess the game fully, our full review is available. Along with ours, you can see a collection of other scores and editor opinions from across a number of other gaming publications as part of this review roundup.

Hopefully by the time you are finished reading, you will have an idea about whether or not The Division is worth your time and money. For more on The Division’s critical reception, head toGameSpot sister site Metacritic.

  • Game: The Division
  • Developer: Ubisoft Massive with additional work by Ubisoft Annecy, Red Storm Entertainment, and Ubisoft Reflections
  • Platform: Xbox One, PS4, PC
  • Release Date: March 8
  • Price: $60

GameSpot — 8/10

“Still, no matter how frustrated I grew with the game’s semi-indestructible enemies or its repetitive leveling structure, I absolutely could not stop playing. The world was too engrossing, the loot was too enticing, and the campaign was too gripping for me to simply walk away. I stopped caring about the game’s flaws after the first few hours and proceeded to lose myself in obsessive stat optimization and cooperative gun battles. The problems (and frustration) never disappeared, but I was more than happy to play through the pain.” — Scott Butterworth [Full review]

DigitalSpy — 5/5

“There’s no getting away from the fact The Divisionis the best open-world that Ubisoft has ever created, while the gameplay is consistently entertaining and cohesive. The deep RPG elements and tactical gunplay just add to that. Plus, the fact you can get so much enjoyment out of being a solo player, with that experience heightened by buddying up, is quite a feat. Playing The Division is a bit like having the flu–you can’t get it out of your head and it doesn’t ever want to let you go. But unlike the flu, you won’t mind at all.” — Sam Loveridge [Full review]

XboxAchievements — 80/100

“A co-op, third-person cover shooter with a whole load of loot-based, ability upgrading, gear crafting, stat leveling stuff built in, The Division is an entertaining game. If you want to play through all the content and move on, you’ll have a good time. If you’ve a weakness for loadout-tinkering and don’t mind grinding, it could be your new obsession.” — Lee Bradley [Full review]

Hardcore Gamer — 4/5

“Despite a few noticeable warts, The Division’s highs are high enough to warrant millions of players sticking around for a significant amount of time. The combination of fantastic late-game experiences, a fascinating setting, solid core gameplay and a freedom-laden set of RPG mechanics that make Destinyfeel exceptionally restrictive makes Ubisoft’s fastest-selling title absolutely worth diving into.” — Matt Whittaker [Full review]

The Jimquisition — 6.5/10

“Tom Clancy’s The Division is overwhelmingly okay. It will drown you in its abundant okayness, so okay is it in terms of playability and content. It’s a game of just enoughs–it’s just exciting enough to avoid being boring, just polished enough for the numerous glitches to be less offensive, and features co-op just fun enough to make the whole thing relatively worthwhile.” — Jim Sterling[Full review]

Ars Technica — No Score

“The Division takes a stab at the Destiny formula with new strengths and weaknesses, as well as some familiar ones. Try it.” — Steven Strom [Full review]

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