This Baby Could Be Greatest Street Fighter 5 Player of All Time


YouTube user PapaPain has uploaded a video of his six-month-old baby completing Street Fighter 5’s story mode using Birdie. While the general response to this has been either fawning over how adorable the child is or complaining about how easy the game is, GameSpot can exclusively reveal that the fighting game community is currently in a state of upheaval at this sudden and unexpected appearance of a child prodigy.

Although the video may just look like a child mindlessly slapping buttons and thrusting the stick back and forth, it’s actually a message putting experienced fighting game players on notice.

During the two-minute video, the player known only as “Baby” can be seen putting on an impressive exhibition of skills, including high-level footsies, perfectly timed anti-airs, V-Trigger, and even crush counters.

The child is simply referred to as “Baby” by his parents, likely to keep his identity secret from Daigo Umehara, Justin Wong, Momochi, Sakonoko, and the many other legendary professional players in the Street Fighter community that stand to be dethroned by the child.

The scariest thing in the video is that he’s using an incredibly advanced technique known as Negative Edge to compensate for the fact that his body is literally too small for his arms to use the stick and buttons at the same time.

This doesn’t seem to have stopped Baby who, based on dusty musical equipment in the room, already seems to have mastered playing guitar and producing dope beats, and is now shifting focus to video games.

At the tender age of six-months, Baby’s skills are already terrifying. Imagine when he or she is able to use both buttons and the stick at the same time, and can keep all that drool in the mouth.

We have been reliably informed that companies are preparing to approach Baby for sponsorship. Beware professional fighting game community, EVO 2030 may be the year of Pampers | Baby.